FAQBelow you will find frequently asked questions.
If you do not see an answer below, or have a specific question, please contact us and we will get back to you with specifics.


[accordions tabs_bgcolor=”” tabs_textcolor=”” tabs_bordercolor=”” tabs_opacity=””] [accordion title=”What are your hours?  Do I need an appointment?”]Monday through Friday 9-5. Saturdays by appointment, and we are usually never open on Sundays. We prefer an appointment, or at least call ahead. Many times we’re out of the shop and want to make sure someone is there to help. Also, if you have slabs to view or want to look at different stones, we need advance notice to get them pulled to the front.[/accordion] [accordion title=”Where do you get your stone?”] We work with over 30 different suppliers, most of them in Georgia.  We procure slabs from wholesale vendors for our own stock and also procure stone on a custom basis for clients.[/accordion] [accordion title=”Can I choose my own slabs?”] Yes, we prefer our clients to personally approve their slabs. [/accordion] [accordion title=”Can I decide how my slabs will be cut for fabrication?”] Yes, to an extent.  The size and shape of your countertops, along with the grain flow and movement, if any, of your slabs, will dictate to a certain extent the way your project is fabricated.  There are usually only 2 to 3 ways for a project to be cut.  All clients are welcome to come to our fabrication shop, after tempate, to lay out their project and we will go over all possibilities. [/accordion] [accordion title=”Do you have remnants available?”] Yes, we have a large remnant yard available to our clients at a reduced rate.  Most of our remnants are used for smaller countertop projects such as small vanities, fireplace hearths, tabletops, etc.  [/accordion][accordion title=”Should I see my slabs before install?”] Typically always. We prefer our clients to approve the slabs personally. We are increasingly sending photos of the stone by email and clients will approve that way.  [/accordion][accordion title=”How long will my install take?”] We usually install within a week of template.  An install will take anywhere from 2 to 8 hours depending on the size of the job. Major holidays always add onto production time.  [/accordion] [accordion title=”I want to install the project myself, will you fabricate the job for me?”] Yes, we often fabricate projects for contractors, builders and do-it-yourself-ers. You will need to provide us with exact measurements of the top, sink centerlines, faucet hole locations, backsplash size, and other specifications. Fabrication-only jobs are available for pickup at our shop. Please note, Inman Park Marble & Granite cannot be responsible for errors in measurements or specifications. We are happy to provide guidance, just give us a call. [/accordion][accordion title=”What’s the best way to get an estimate?”] We can provide an estimate by phone, email or in person. Email us your drawing or specs and we’ll email back a quote. We can also come to your home and measure, talk about specifics and send you samples. There is no charge for an in-home estimate. Call or fax any time if you have questions or need a price.  [/accordion][accordion title=”What forms of payment do you accept?”] We accept cash & checks, and Visa/Mastercard. You may also pay through Quickbooks online using bank transfer or by Visa/Mastercard/Discover, we can send you a Quickbooks invoice link.  [/accordion][/accordions]